Colonial Beach & Westmoreland


Within walking distance or a short drive of the Riverview Inn, there are many options for dining.  


If you enjoy shopping check out these great stores.

  • Attica
  • Everythings Beachy "Beach Shop"
  • Beach Bazaar
  • Peddlers Market
  • Raggs
  • Rydells
  • Red Barn
  • Unique Antiques Mall

Marinas & Boat Supplies

For your boating needs: 

U.S. History

Virginia is filled with history.  The Riverview Inn is proud of the history in Colonial Beach and Westmoreland County.  We hope that you take the time to explore our town and Westmoreland county.  

Colonial Beach is home to our fifth president James Monroe.  James Monroe spent most of his childhood working the family farm.  Once he completed his high-school education, he moved to Williamsburg to attend  college at William and Mary.  This help to prepare him for his place in Washington D.C. and his presidency.  

Westmoreland County is home to our first president George Washington.   When standing at his birth home and farm, close your eyes while standing next to the Potomac River.  You can hear all the ships passing by with travelers,  smell  the tobacco and crops and see all the people working this incredible farm .  Even though George didn't stay long, this home shaped the man, leader and first president to our country.  

A few miles further is the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, also known as Stratford Hall Plantation.  The plantation was purchased by the Lee Family in 1717.  The home occupies around 1900 acres along the Potomac River.  There are tours, gardens and many activities year around.  

Other Services

Colonial Beach offers many services to visitors and the local residents.  We hope you check out all the local business while in town.  

  • Elle Vit Salon & Day Spa
  • Anderson Cab
  • Custom Cartz
  • Beach Cart Rental
  • Rankins Hardware & Furniture Store
  • River Gym 
  • Shady Lane Seafood
  • Bay Breeze Kayak Rentals